9th Annual Killer Nashville
Silver Falchion Award™

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Specific Category Guidelines

The purpose of the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award™ is to honor the best books readily available to a North American audience in any format within the past year. The categories include both fiction and nonfiction.

The 9th Annual Silver Falchion Award™ will be awarded on August 20th, 2016.

Any book-length work published for the first time in 2015 may be nominated for the 9th Annual Silver Falchion Award™.


Entries and nominees will be evaluated by judges, who will choose up to eight finalists in each of the following generic categories (full category guidelines here):

• Best Novel
• Best First Novel
• Best Nonfiction
• Best Young Adult
• Best Children’s
• Best Young Readers
• Best Anthology or Collection
• Best Book by a Conference Attendee

Finalists will be announced the beginning of August and winners will be chosen by 2016 Killer Nashville Writers’ Conference attendees and announced at the Killer Nashville Guest of Honor Dinner and Awards Banquet.


The deadline for entering the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award™ is March 30, 2016.


Cost for First Entry: $79*

Additional Entries: $49

*If you are signed up for the Killer Nashville Writers’ Conference at the time of entering the Silver Falchion Award, please indicate so in the appropriate field in the form and your first entry will be waived. Additional entries will cost $49. If you are not signed up for Killer Nashville and indicate that you are signed up in order to waive your first submission fee, we will not consider your submission.


E-books are eligible for all categories. You can upload your book in the submission form. PDFs are recommended, however we accept other file formats. Of course, if you have physical copies of your e-book you may submit two (2) copies instead of uploading the book.


If you would like confirmation that your books were received, please include a stamped, self-addressed postcard with your books.

DO NOT send your books in such a way that a signature is required. Books that require a signature will not be accepted.

You can verify delivery through the tracking number provided by the post office by mailing it Priority Mail and adding delivery confirmation. Please remember that we will not accept any books that require a signature.


Following the close of the contest, books will be donated to needy libraries, universities, and charities. Copies will not be returned to submitter.


The purpose of the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award™ is to honor the best books readily available to a North American audience in any format within the past given year.  Killer Nashville reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time and at the discretion and determination of the Board without notice based upon unforeseen issues relating to the equity (or inequity) of the given awards. Categories may be expanded or reduced based upon the number of quality submissions and the preliminary judges’ recommendations to allow a more accurate judging process for submitted books; for example, where there is an abundance of both excellent cozies and paranormal romances, logic would dictate these be judged against only those within their own category because the demographics, interest, and criteria for each genre would be completely different. In the judges’ determination of an absence of quality books during a particular year, certain categories or subcategories may also be eliminated and no award will be given for that category. When, in the judges’ opinion, a certain excellent book would stand a better chance of being recognized in a different category than the one in which it was entered (e.g., an entry entered as a children’s book might be better served in the young adult category), the judges are free to make that determination citing the best interest of the entry. When a book is moved into a more appropriate category or established sub-category other than that in which it was entered, an attempt will be made to notify the person nominating the book, but not required. The decisions of the judges and the voters are final.

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