Website & Submission Terms

You will be contacted for your choice as to who does your critique following registration (if you signed up and paid for a critique).

You must be registered for the full conference to participate in the free round table events. You must attend at least one day of conference for all other sessions and events except the Guest of Honor Dinner. It is open to the public, tickets are purchased in addition to conference registration.

By registering for Killer Nashville you are accepting our terms of agreement and conference policies including, but not limited to all charges being processed by American Blackguard, Inc. on behalf of Killer Nashville

By registering or attending Killer Nashville you are giving permission for Killer Nashville to use your name, image, likeness and voice in all mediums for Killer Nashville or American Blackguard, Inc.

A separate registration form is required for each person registering.

If you require special access or assistance, please coordinate that with the hotel.

There is a $25 service charge for all returned checks.

There are no refunds.

Upon receipt of your requests and payment, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you within 2 weeks.

You agree to be placed on the Killer Nashville mailing list to receive occasional updates, newsletters, and promotions from Killer Nashville, the Claymore Award, and other Killer Nashville related programs.

Book Signing Note: the more flexible you are the greater your chance of being able to sign books. Every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule, but no guarantees apply. Registration also does not guarantee an opportunity to sign. Please understand that if this information is received after July 1st, Barnes & Noble will progressively have a harder time ordering copies of your books to sign. Only books carried by traditional distributors will be available to be signed at the on site B&N Bookstore. Authors may not bring their own books to sell at the B&N tables. Any questions regarding availability of books should be addressed to Robbie Bryan at B&N 615-377-9979.

Authors: Please include an announcement on your website that you will be appearing at Killer Nashville, with a link to Killer Nashville. When panels and signing times are assigned, please include that information on your website as well so that your personal fan base will know when to see you specifically.

TERMS FOR SUBMISSION: Barnes & Noble and Killer Nashville will accommodate all authors as space permits. Filling out this form does not guarantee a book signing or a panel position. You will be notified before the conference of your panel position(s) and/or book signing time(s). Consistent with other national conferences such as the New York MWA Symposium, all events may be taped and sold to raise money for future Killer Nashville events. Panelists’ recorded audio and visual appearances, including use of their voice, name, image, and likeness, are considered a charitable donation for the benefit and continuance of Killer Nashville. Regarding media appearances and coverage, all parties will seek to accommodate as many requests as possible. Final determination to be made by show producers and media editors.

By submitting photos or information to Killer Nashville and any of its subsidies, parent company, assigns, or publications, you are agreeing:

  1. You own all rights and/or the work is in the public domain (and is stated as such).
  2. By submitting, you give Killer Nashville and its parent company American Blackguard, Inc. the irrevocable right to use, or allow to be used, the work indefinitely in any multiple form or format and without limitation, but with attribution to you.
  3. Compensation, if any, has been agreed upon prior to submitting work
  4. The collected works on the website or in any product will be copyrighted by American Blackguard Inc., or Killer Nashville, or their assigns as a collection, but you retain all rights to submitted items and may sell or reprint them after 1 year of first publication by Killer Nashville. You are not transferring the copyright of your material.
  5. You warrant and indemnify Killer Nashville, American Blackguard, Inc., and their staff members against any breach of the above understanding, including any legal or court fees and/or fines for damages of misrepresentation of ownership and originality.
  6. Unless additional terms are agreed to in writing prior to submission, these are the full terms.

By participating in any offering by Killer Nashville (i.e., conference, contest, catalog show, etc.), you agree you have read and understand everything contained herein.