Agent / Editor Round Tables

Killer Nashville

Since we started this in 2007, several attendees have found representation at Killer Nashville!

Author & Agent Lucienne Diver at Killer Nashville

Author & Agent Lucienne Diver at Killer Nashville

In the past, Killer Nashville has offered agent and editor pitches. This was a popular offering, but stressful for writers and exhausting for agents and editors. It was a poor use of their time and expertise, and worse, a moment of anxiety or a poor pitch could blow a writer’s chances with the agent of his or her dreams.

We believe our agents and editors are a valuable resource, so we wracked our brains to find a way to create an instructional experience with all the benefits of the traditional pitch–and more. After some research and discussion with agents and other conference organizers, we have decided to try using a round table format this year. We are calling them round table pitches, one advantage of which is that the pages can speak for themselves. Each round table will consist of 10–12 writers, 2 agents and/or editors, and a volunteer to read submissions.  In your submission, please remember the following:

We ask writers provide a minimum of 12 copies of the first two pages for each member of the group to bring the day of their editor round table. 

Please use double spacing with reasonable font sizing, such as 12 pt New Times Roman, with one inch margins.

In the header area of the first page, include your name, book title, genre or subgenre, email address and/or phone number, and a one-sentence logline/description of the book to give the reader context.  (You may start the text at the top of the first page, rather than dropping down a number of lines to begin a chapter in standard manuscript format.)

After each manuscript is read, the agents and/or editors will give constructive feedback on the pages. Each agent and editor has been asked to keep comments instructional, helping writers see both their strengths and where they need to improve. Agents and editors may request partial or full manuscripts, if desired, or–if they thought a manuscript had promise, could suggest the writer submit once he or she had implemented the suggested changes. Since it is understood that these sessions are educational in nature, in practice, each session serves as a pitch without penalizing a writer whose work is not yet ready for representation or publication. In addition, each writer can learn from what is said to the others.

We plan to have a total of twenty sessions–two times slots on Friday, two on Saturday, and one on Sunday morning, each consisting of four groups.

The sessions are first–come, first–served. Once the sessions are filled, no more will be offered, but there is time built into the schedule for informal conversations with the agents and editors. Multiple sessions are possible, but not guaranteed. Once each person requesting a session has been place, additional slots will be given in order of registration.

The Agent/Editor Round Table sessions are FREE, but you must be a registered attendee to participate. If you are not a registered attendee, you can sign up here.

Round table pitch sessions are one and a half hours long.

Though all will try to be accommodated, registration does not guarantee a round table with all agents and editors. Early registration recommended.

Registration for agent and editor round tables will close mid August. At that time, if you have signed up for a session, you will receive an email asking you to rank your preferences and asking you about availability/scheduling conflicts. We will do our best to give everyone his or her first choice. If, after everyone has been assigned one session, we will begin assigning second choices in order of registration date. The round table schedule will be posted online a day or two before the conference (if available), and there will be a printed copy included in your conference packet.

All agents and editors are looking for new clients. Sign up times are limited and will be based upon first–come first–served. No attendee is guaranteed a position. In other words, once all slots have been taken, no more can be added.